Covalent Technologies was founded in 1997 by A H Buzz Query.  Buzz holds a BS in Textile Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth and a MBA with a major in Chemical/Pharmaceutical Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University –  Madison, NJ.

His career started in the laboratories at the Nopco Chemical Division of Diamond Shamrock Chemical – Morristown, NJ.    His work concentrated on formulating dyeing auxiliaries for textile mills using surfactants including defoamers, wetting agents and detergents.  He progressed from Trainee to Textile Chemist to Technical Service Representative but had a desire to try his hand at selling chemicals and move back to New England.

He joined Ventron Chemical company of Beverly, Ma. as a Jr. Sales Representative covering New England, New York and eastern Canada for primarily their line of plastic PVC biocides under the Vinyzene trademark and Sodium Borohydride, a versitile reducing agent used in chemical synthethsis, purification of organics and metal removal from waste water.  Buzz progressed to Sr. Sales Representative and finally Regional Sales Manager for the northeast US and Canada.  During this 10 years, Ventron was acquired by Morton-Thiokol.

Having a good foundation in the lab and specialty sales, Buzz joined Occidental Chemicals out of Niagra Falls, NY and received valuable experience in the world of commodity chemicals, selling caustic/chlorine and phosphates to manufacturers and distributors in New England, NY and Canada.  Buzz was a leading force in the sale of sodium hypophosphite for electoless nickel coatings during this time.

After just 2 years, Buzz was hired away by his largest distributor-customer, the G M Gannon Co of Warwick, RI.      Occidental had just taken over the same Diamond Shamrock Chemical he started his career with and moved HQ to Dallas.  Seeing his future in Texas, he decided to be a” big fish in a small pond” remaining in New England with a small family chemical distributor.  Starting as Sales Manager and progressing to Vice President running the day to day operation, Buzz now completed his 25 year chemical learning curve by  working in the lab, tech service, specialties, commodities and distribution.

Soon after the sale of G M Gannon in 1997, Buzz started Covalent Technologies, Inc. as a chemical diversifier, satisfying the chemical requirements of industries and municipalities throughout New England.

Buzz ‘s wife – Jane, holds dual degrees in elementary education and psychology from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth and is Secretary of Covalent Tecnologies, Inc., responsible for financial and governmental regulations.

Their oldest son, Carl, is married to Laura and have 2 children – their first, 6 yr old Samuel Alexander and a 2 year old girl – Adeline Elizabeth.   They reside in Milton, Ma.  Carl holds a Computer Science degree from the School of Engineering, University of Virginia.  He founded a dot com called Flipkey, which is now part of Trip Advisor.  His newest project is starting a financial website called BondLink.  Laura holds education degrees from Boston College and Harvard and is currently work towards another Master’s degree at William James College ( formerly Mass School of Professional Psychology ) in Newton, Ma.

Their youngest son, James is married to Ashley.  They met in Washington DC where they both worked upon graduating  from college.  James majored in Economics at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC and Ashley graduated from the University of the South-Sewanee, Tn.  They have both relocated to Boston( also Milton ) where Ashley is still associated with her DC based employer.  James earned a MBA in Marketing  at the full time MBA Program at Boston College.  He now works for Dunkin Brands as a brand manager in their International Division traveling around the world.   They are the proud parents of 3 year old Jack Query.